So I finally started working with Gemini.

It's actually good lol

Lemme explain what I mean.

In case you don't know what Gemini is, it's this thing. I know you either didn't know about the link or were too lazy to click on it, so here's a tldr from the website:

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

so basically it's something like http except extremely simplified and made in such a way that extending the protocol isn't easy (to prevent feature bloat like it happened to http, but i'm not convinced that that was the only solution).

however, it has the following key features, which all interest me:

and now, for an announcement.

now that i have it properly set up (it even has a post on it already!), i'll be posting both on the gemini capsule (that's the term for websites on gemini) and on here; however, i'll be posting there a lot more often than here.

the reason is simple: writing for gemini is much easier, and i want this website to be a lot less extreme and incoherent. so the nonsensical, screaming, childlike side of me will be transferred to gemini, and this will be a (relatively) sanitised and civilised blog.

also i forgot to link to the website, it's this. have fun!

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