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About Me

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm a person. A person who's passionate about most things, but good at very few. One of which happens to be working with html.

Q: what are you doing here?
A: I like to write about the stuff I know. So, there'll be anywhere from zero to a bfhgillion blog entries covering useless rants about stuff that I'll probably take down in a couple of days after reading it again and realising how wrong I was when I wrote them, and lots of other unstructured content I can't think about yet.

Q: what am i doing here?
A: Well, that's for you to answer.

Q: i wanna contact you, how the hell do i do that
A: just send mail to my personal gmail account (warning: since i'm lazy and forgetful, i may not actually reply till 2-5 business days later; you have been warned.)

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